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Forwarder zone

If you want a name server to forward queries for certain domain names to another name server, use a zone statement of type forward to tell a BIND server to forward queries for domain names that end in the specified suffix to particular … Continue reading

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Stub zones

Stub zones are a little like slave zones, in that the name server periodically checks with its master server to see if the zone’s serial number has changed. But instead of transferring the whole zone, it retrieves just the zone’s … Continue reading

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Tips to secure your Apache Server

As a sysadmin, you should secure your Apache web server Hide Apache Version and OS Identity Open configuration file with vim editor and search for “ServerSignature“, its by default On. We need to Off these server signature and the second … Continue reading

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Linux tools

In order to get the list of sorted folders size with folder name on  level 1, I figured out a method which would be helpful all admins. du -h –max-depth=1 <<folder name>>| perl -e ‘sub h{%h=(K=>10,M=>20,G=>30);($n,$u)=shift=~/([0-9.]+)(\D)/; return $n*2**$h{$u}}print sort{h($b)<=>h($a)}<>;’ Note … Continue reading

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