About Me

Experience Summary:

Installation and Administration of Linux server, Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000

Skill set includes SCO-Unix shell programming, Linux Shell Programming, Microsoft Information Server (IIS) 5.0, DNS, DHCP, Apache Server, TOMCAT, Samba Server, FTP Server, Squid Proxy Server, Firewall using IPTables, Sendmail, Qmail, SpamAssasin and collaboration server using open-exchange/LDAP/Postgres, C, C++, CGI Script, SQL Server 7.0, My SQL, Novell, Sybase, Microsoft Transaction Server(MTS).

Open source product backuppc to take full/incremental backup.

Collaboration server iRedmail from Google codes having technologies postfix, ldap, mlapd, clamav, spamassassin.

Adding openfire(Chat package) with iRedmail and open-exchange.


Present Employment:


Designation : Asst Manager IT

Job Profile

  • Setup the Gurgaon office with all structural and network design

  • Handling all technical problem through online problem reporting through GLPI

  • Handling Gurgaon and Noida office connected through E3 link from Gurgaon office.

  • Maintaining Samba server with WINS support getting authenticated from Active Directory.

  • Maintaining Squid proxy.

  • Registering all domain from aplus.net and hosting them on shared/dedicated servers.

  • Administering and maintaining Local Server having Windows 2000/2003 with IIS, Linux with Apache/Tomcat.

  • Installing all the modules with dependencies on local and live servers, which are not there.

  • Installing AWSTATS to view statistics of all the Live Site¬ís.

  • Implementing new technologies on local servers

  • Taking daily/incremental backup of local servers/Live servers including mails with backup scripts

  • Installed FIREWALL and Antivirus Software (Norton Cooperate Edition). Giving solutions for virus attacks and hard Disk crashes Etc.

  • Database implementation and administration in Mysql

  • Maintaining the user access to the Internet and Logging the access of users for management lookup.

  • Monitoring the co-located servers.

  • Checking the bandwidth using MRTG/SNMP

  • Hosted a mail server with qmail/spamassassin/clamav

  • Hosted a mail server with iRedmail with LDAP support.

  • Manage a project internally on TMS(Time Management System) using Java/struts/mysql support

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