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We have multiple links available to check if the mail server are correctly configured. To check reverse DNS Check MX records for domain Check if the IP/domain is blacklisted for spam Check if … Continue reading

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InnoDB Corruption and Recovery

Databases get corrupted for many reasons. In my case, our  hard drive went down during writes to the database from a power failure. InnoDB corruption can cause all of the databases running on that server to become inaccessible. My server is … Continue reading

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Set Password Policy in Mysql 5.6

——————————————————————————————- 1) INSTALL PLUGIN loads the plugin, and also registers it in the mysql. plugins table to cause the plugin to be loaded for each subsequent normal server startup. ——————————————————————————————- mysql> INSTALL PLUGIN validate_password SONAME ‘’; ——————————————————————————————- 2) Edit my.cnf … Continue reading

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Postfix Hardening

Make sure the Postfix is running with non-root account: root@Philip:~#ps aux | grep postfix | grep -v ‘^root’ Change permissions and ownership on the destinations below: root@Philip:~#chmod 755 /etc/postfix root@Philip:~#chmod 644 /etc/postfix/*.cf root@Philip:~#chmod 755 /etc/postfix/postfix-script* root@Philip:~#chmod 755 /var/spool/postfix root@Philip:~#chown root:root … Continue reading

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Resolving subsys locked for

Today I was restarting my tomcat service and I saw Tomcat didn’t stop in a timely manner (pid[FAILED]) and subsys locked for tomcat This means the service was running at one time, but has crashed. When you start a service, … Continue reading

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Resolving “Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) for this operation”

I do have logged in with a mysql user easypay who has all privileges on a DB easypay and was executing the command show engine innodb status Mysql gave error as [Error Code: 1227, SQL State: 42000] Access denied; you … Continue reading

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Setting up Master Slave DNS server

The DNS ( Domain Name System ) is a distributed system, used for translate domain names to IP and vice a versa Network Scenario for this Setup Master DNS Server IP: ( ) Slave DNS Server IP: … Continue reading

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Fix for InnoDB: ERROR: the age of the last checkpoint is …

I recently have to restore production DB to local environment and I saw mysql log giving with bunch of errors like this InnoDB: largest such row. 150817 23:22:56  InnoDB: ERROR: the age of the last checkpoint is 9440934, InnoDB: which … Continue reading

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How to force www or non-www in htaccess

You need to create  a .htaccess file under the webroot directory of your domain and store the following code in it . Be sure to replace ‘‘ with your actual domain name. NOTE: do not place both selections of code … Continue reading

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