Resolving subsys locked for

Today I was restarting my tomcat service and I saw

Tomcat didn't stop in a timely manner (pid[FAILED]) and subsys locked for tomcat

This means the service was running at one time, but has crashed.

When you start a service, it creates a “lock” file to indicate that the service is running. This helps avoid multiple instances of the service. When you stop a service, this lock file is removed.

When a running service crashes, the lock file exists but the process no longer exists. Thus, the message.

Look at the two areas /var/run/*.pid and /var/lock/subsys/*. These are expected to agree with each other. That is, if the (emtpy file) lockfile /var/lock/subsys/crond exists, then the first line of the file /var/run/ is expected to contain the PID of the process running for this service. If no such process is running, then something is wrong. If a process is indeed running (as you see) but it is not that PID, then something is probably confused.

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